Knowledgeable and passionate experts

Our travel specialists are the best in their field. With a genuine, first-hand knowledge of Great Britain – a knowledge that comes from living here and travelling extensively ourselves – when you speak to us, it’s like speaking to a good friend who has been there and done that. We love sharing our knowledge with whoever happens to call. We know the countries inside out. We already know the do’s and don’ts because we have done it all before. We have made the discoveries (and mistakes) so that you don’t have to; we’ll tell you the places to go that you wouldn’t find yourself, the best ways to avoid the tourist traps, and of course, the restaurants the locals go to, so that you can really get under the skin of the country.

100% tailor-made

Everybody wants different things from a trip because our tastes and interests vary. That’s why no two of our itineraries are the same. The entire holiday is tailor-made around your individual requirements, right down to the finest detail. Love museums and galleries? No problem. Enjoy outdoor activities? We’ve got it covered. Favour boutique-style hotels? We know exactly the right places.
Tailor-making your trip allows you to spend your time doing what interests you the most, and doing so at your own pace. We’re incredibly flexible; there’s very little that we cannot accommodate. After all, this is your holiday and it should be unique to you.

Great food

As a wise man once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”, and we couldn’t agree more. Food speaks to all five senses which makes it incredibly evocative. Great meals are so memorable – they can be experiences in themselves – and because food is an essential part of daily life in all communities, it’s a fantastic way to uncover the culture of a country. On the other hand, a bad meal can quite simply ruin your day, and it’s not easy to arrive in a new city and find great places to eat that match your tastes, location and budget. That’s why planning where you will eat is all part of the process at Taste Travel. Do you like authentic food? Are trendy restaurants your thing? Do you love gourmet dining? We know the restaurant scene inside out; all those hidden gems that only the locals know about. We will get to know what you like and arrange the perfect places for you.

We listen and get to know you

We will take the time to get to know you, so that we can understand exactly what you want (and don’t want), enabling us to design a trip ideally suited to your tastes. We’ll chat on the phone, by email, or in person, again and again, until it feels just right. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. This is the most important part of the process; once we understand you, we’re able to make your trip truly special and unforgettable.

The best guides

We know how important people are. Anybody can recite facts and figures, but a good guide can bring a place to life. That’s why we have taken great care to build an unrivalled network of people on the ground. We have hand-picked people that we’re proud of. People who live and breathe their area of expertise, who will offer you a true insight into their culture and help to give you an experience that will last a lifetime.

Personal service

We pride ourselves on our personal, luxury service, which begins from your first enquiry and continues throughout the entire process. You will be looked after by one specialist from beginning to end, who you can trust to look after you. You will get to know them and more importantly, they will get to know you. They will be there to help you with anything and everything. We are here to make your trip as hassle-free as possible.


We understand how valuable your time is, and planning the perfect holiday certainly takes time. Why spend days researching unknown places, flights, transfers, hotels and restaurants, when all of this expertise is available at the end of the phone? Entrust us with the task, and we will also ensure that every moment that you spend away is maximised, so you can spend your hard-earned time off having the most enriching and memorable experience possible.

Support – before, during and after

We’ll stay in touch throughout your trip to make sure everything is just right. And although it’s rare, unfortunately unforeseen events do occasionally happen, no matter how much we plan. That’s just life. Whatever it is, we are here 24/7 to help and support you.





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